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Women's Learning Partnership
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'Gifts from the Universe' Project for August 2008

Message from TUT's Adventurers Club

Support Women Around the World to Take on Leadership Roles

As part of our TUT's Adventurers Club mission, we have chosen Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) as our adoptive organization for the month. To reach our collaborative goal of support for them, please donate a dollar or more now at the link right below. Happy Giving!

To find out how much you've truly been blessed with in terms of love, time, energy, talent, joy, abundance, confidence, intelligence, wit, or any other quality, substance, or dispensation, give of them... Then you'll know what boundless really means.
- The Universe

Supporter List

Worldwide, women make up less than 18% of national legislatures.
And, less than 5% of states are headed by women.

Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) trains and empowers women to take on leadership roles to affect positive changes in their families, communities, and societies. In cooperation with 20 autonomous organizations across the global south, and particularly in Muslim-majority countries, WLP conducts leadership and skills-building workshops for women.

Since 2000, WLP has trained over 10,000 women who have gone on to campaign for and hold political offices, open shelters for domestic abuse victims, lobby for legal reform that grant women greater rights, and start micro-enterprise and radio programs, among other achievements. We estimate that over 100,000 people have benefitted indirectly from our trainings. Your donation will help prepare women for leadership.

A donation of $25 provides training materials for a woman in a leadership training workshop, and $75 provides training materials for a woman in a computer training course. $100 enables a woman to participate in a women’s rights advocacy workshop. $250 will cover one month’s salary of one employee at a partner organization.

Please join us in promoting women’s leadership and social justice around the world.

WLP also implements a variety of advocacy programs such as the Culture of Peace program that encourages tolerance, pluralism, and cooperation through South-South and South-North dialogue. The Women's Human Rights program raises awareness of urgent women's human rights challenges and campaigns to improve women's status.

Current campaigns include: Claiming Equal Citizenship campaign for Arab women’s right to pass on her nationality to her spouse and children. One Million Signatures campaign to end gender-discriminatory laws in Iran, such as in inheritance. Family Law Reform campaign to give women equal rights in marriage, divorce, and child custody. Equality Without Reservation campaign to lift government reservations to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Support WLP and its partner organizations across the globe by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

Supporter List

(updated daily)

 Date   Name   Amount   Comments 
July 22 Usha 5.00
July 30 Crystal 1.00
Aug 01 Jan 170.00
Aug 01 beverley 10.00
Aug 01 Janice 50.00
Aug 01 gilberte 5.00 GOD bless you
Aug 01 Tara Marie 10.00 I have been apart of the TUT family for more than a year now, and hold Mike Dooley and this organization within my very soul. The interpersonal progression I have endured has been tremedously influenced by the dedication and continous support I have received from TUT. The pennicale of oneness I so proudly display aspires my soul's vision to become an enterprising persuader as well. I am honored to support TUT, and The WMP for a cause that promotes the genial integrity for each of these deserving and remarkable women.
Aug 01 Sue 10.00
Aug 01 K.Schreiner 50.00
Aug 01 Charlene 50.00
Aug 01 Dana 25.00
Aug 01 Bill 1.00
Aug 01 Jeanne 25.00 Thanks for this great opportunity to help our sisters!
Aug 01 Judith 10.00
Aug 01 Nanci L. 10.00
Aug 01 Sharon 25.00
Aug 01 Louise 10.00
Aug 01 Julia 10.00
Aug 01 René 50.00
Aug 01 Deirdre 5.00
Aug 01 Sarah 25.00
Aug 01 Robinetta 10.00
Aug 01 beverly 10.00
Aug 01 Margaret 5.00
Aug 01 Nancy 5.00
Aug 01 Leslie 15.00
Aug 01 Dena 25.00
Aug 01 Michael 25.00 Thank you! Persevere!
Aug 01 Karen 10.00
Aug 01 Jane 25.00 My most humble gratitude for TUT working this way to make changes in all of us. This program puts visions to work and allows the flow of positive energy to circle the globe. Thank you for connecting us, Jane
Aug 01 Gina 10.00
Aug 01 Timothy 100.00
Aug 01 Beverly 10.00 I love that you're doing this!!! Believe it or not, this has been on my mind ($1.00 a month gift) for about 6 months. I was thinking of ways that if everyone in the world would donate $1.00 to whatever foundation they felt needed it, could you imagine all that would be taken care of! Billions of dollars without going through the "middle man" that's the hard part. Thank you so much for doing this. What a great blessing.
Aug 01 Kim 10.00
Aug 01 James 25.00
Aug 01 Kathy 5.00 I'm very glad to see you're helping this cause. It's so VERY important. Women have been running so much - just not, perhaps, on the figure-head scale that so many men have. The feminine force is inclusive in their decisions -- compassionate choice without even a contract to keep it in line. It's not that men are not capable of doing this, it's just time to shift matters and have women doing it as well. Women run church offices and Sunday school rooms but are not the ministers -- and so on and so on...
I wish you well with your contributions to all of your chosen causes! Thanks for all YOU do!
Aug 01 Josie 50.00
Aug 01 Jennifer 25.00
Aug 01 Anna 10.00
Aug 01 Christine 10.00
Aug 01 Susan 5.00
Aug 01 Diana 5.00
Aug 01 Tamara 10.00
Aug 01 Ruth 25.00
Aug 01 Toni 10.00
Aug 01 Bess 4.00
Aug 01 Ruth 25.00
Aug 01 Mary 25.00 Go for it
Aug 01 Michael 50.00
Aug 01 Elizabeth 31.00
Aug 01 George 1.00
Aug 01 Adeline 5.00
Aug 01 Dawn 10.00
Aug 01 Constance 25.00
Aug 01 Eugenia 25.00 Glad to help everybody to be aware of their own power whatever it's form,whatever their dreams. Let's enlarge people's dreams!
Aug 01 Marsha 50.00 There is only one world.. There is no"other" there is only us.
When suffereing is occuring within our human family , we want to ease the suffering It is natural. Thank you MIKE for creating space for the natural to occur.
Aug 01 Patty 25.00 TUT has been so uplifting and enlightening in my life and I am so glad to see that you have created a way to touch others with this gift we all share called love.
Aug 01 Michelle 25.00
Aug 01 Gretchen 10.00
Aug 01 Wendy 5.00 Thank you for thinking of others...this provides a good avenue for giving to great causes.
Aug 01 Lee 5.00
Aug 01 Jeanette 5.00
Aug 01 Ward 5.00
Aug 01 Leah 1.00 Donating to this cause helps me realize just how blessed and prosperous my life is and will be:). I love being able to do something to help. I am doing something to help. And I'm changing the habit of hardly ever feeling this empowered. Thanks!
Aug 01 Candace 5.00 Glad to know about this project and for the simple easy way to give.
Aug 01 Bliss 10.00
Aug 01 Michael 10.00
Aug 01 Andrea 10.00
Aug 01 Irelis & Hector 20.00 Thank you -to all the women leaders who opened the way for us women today and especially to those who are continuing the path for present and future genenations. Thank you too Mike for opening the way for us to help them and actually show them our much deserved gratitude.
Aug 01 jane 5.00 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Watch us go!!
Aug 01 Connie 1.00
Aug 01 Jody 10.00 Am happy to help other women around the world.
Aug 01 Bartolome 10.00
Aug 01 Barbara 10.00
Aug 01 Debbie 10.00 What a wonder ful idea, however helping EveryONE is so I wish this gift be mulitplied by 10,000, I am sorry I am not able to help with more, just at this moment. May your idea be 100% successful and you have a Joyful, Loving Day full of Peace today and everyday. Thank you and God Bless! I am happy to help what I can. I LOVE TUT and their ideas/support. ONEness! We are in this together as ONE! :)
Aug 01 Seyi 5.00 I lovingly make this donation and know it is gratefully received x
Aug 01 Emmaly 1.00
Aug 01 Nancy 25.00 Thank You for assisting women worldwide to empower themselves to allow all their dreams to come true!
Aug 01 Donna 10.00 Thank you, Mike and WLP, for your wonderful work!
Aug 01 Chris 50.00
Aug 01 leslie 25.00
Aug 01 Marcy 5.00 Thank you so muuch for providing the vehicle (one that I trust) to offer something to the world that may assist in bringing peace and nurturing instead of war.
Aug 01 V J 1000.00 Great choice!
Aug 01 Olivia 25.00
Aug 01 Joyce 18.00
Aug 01 margaret 10.00
Aug 01 Diane 12.00
Aug 01 Donna Rose 10.00 With love & gratitude for what you are doing!
Aug 01 Pamela 250.00
Aug 01 Rita 10.00 I am overwhelmed with gratitude to TUT for providing this avenue of giving! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
Aug 01 Corryn 25.00
Aug 01 Terri 100.00
Aug 01 jacquie 5.00 Go the Wallabies!!
Aug 01 Elizabeth 24.00 Thanks for all that you do and give!
Aug 01 Cathleen 5.00
Aug 01 Ellen 50.00
Aug 01 Carol 25.00 Thanks for ALL you do, to support me, us and the world. You are awesome!!
Aug 01 Graciella 25.00 Believe in Miracles :)
Aug 02 charles 50.00
Aug 02 donna 10.00
Aug 02 Michelle 30.00
Aug 02 Susan 25.00
Aug 02 Nancy 10.00
Aug 02 Maran 10.00 It's a privelege to offer this support.
Thank you for all you do.
Aug 02 Cathie 10.00
Aug 02 laura 10.00
Aug 02 Rhonda 10.00 I am honored to donate to WLP's foundation. I appreciate all of you at TUT organization for this wonderful oppertunity!!! Much love and blessings. Rhonda
Aug 03 Kellie 25.00
Aug 03 Nathan 50.00 All the best to you all!!....Keep up the good work!!

Aug 03 Dunia 10.00
Aug 03 Linda 10.00
Aug 03 Ashlynn 5.00
Aug 03 Donna 10.00
Aug 03 Beth 20.00
Aug 03 HALINA 25.00 Thank You for giving me the opportunity to support The WLP.
Thank You !!!
Aug 03 Alice 5.00
Aug 04 Jill 10.00
Aug 04 Michael 1000.00 From the TUT team!
Aug 04 Crystal 25.00 OMG This is so awesome! I never thought I could love giving this much! :)
Aug 04 Marea 50.00
Aug 04 Kathleen 10.00
Aug 04 Beth 10.00
Aug 04 Amy 2.00
Aug 04 Katherine 25.00 Knowing that all who participate and receive from this group effort be blessed!!
Aug 04 Emily 1.00
Aug 04 Cristina 25.00 I love being a woman and I feel blessed to live in the United States, in Los Angeles, in our present time. Blessings!
Aug 04 Elizabeth 1.00
Aug 04 Elizabeth 1.00
Aug 05 Kari 10.00
Aug 05 Nicole 15.00
Aug 05 Rose Mary 50.00
Aug 05 Monique 5.00
Aug 06 Gerri 25.00 I love being a part of 'Gifts from the Universe'. We ARE stronger together and we ARE making a difference. Thank You Mike Dooley!
Aug 06 Cathy 10.00
Aug 06 eileen 10.00 Wonderful idea. I think we all want to help worthy organizations, but get caught up in the day to day stuff that takes away our focus on the larger picture of helping others that is so essential to our own well being. Having this opportunity each month is fabulous. Blessings on all.
Aug 06 Rachel 3.00 all one
Aug 06 Jennifer 25.00
Aug 06 Lori 10.00 It is great to put my donation with others to make a difference in the lives of other women. Thank you for doing this. TUT is such a wonderful concept put into motion.
Aug 07 Rachel 25.00 This donation is in honor of Layali Eshqaidef, Program Associate at WLP.
Aug 08 Anthony 1.00 God Bless. If there were more women in power aroung the world, it would be a saner place for all.
Aug 08 shirley 5.00
Aug 08 Michelle 20.00
Aug 08 Jonathan 10.00
Aug 08 Carol 1.00
Aug 08 Ruthie 10.00
Aug 08 Nitza 25.00
Aug 08 Anne 10.00 Talk about thoughts becoming things!
Aug 11 Ann 20.00
Aug 11 Jennifer 50.00
Aug 11 Michelle 1.00
Aug 11 Shelley 25.00
2008-08-12 Brook 100.00 keep up the great ideas and helping us help others.
2008-08-12 Gayle 10.00 Right On!!!!
Aug 13 Nora 9.00
Aug 13 William 10.00
Aug 13 Clara 50.00
Aug 13 Midge 10.00
Aug 13 Danica 25.00
Aug 13 Stacie 25.00 Very excited about your monthly charity spotlights! Thank you!
Aug 14 Mary 5.00
Aug 14 Lyman 1.00
Aug 14 Terri 10.00
Aug 14 Lori 20.00
Aug 15 Cecile 25.00
Aug 15 Gail 10.00
Aug 15 Dee 20.00 With love and gratitude : )
Aug 15 Terri 5.00 I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful gathering of people. Thanks for this opportunity, Mike!
Aug 16 MaryLu 10.00 In memory of my brother Jim who introduced me to TUT. A great opportunity to give back.
Aug 17 Stacy 10.00
Aug 18 Ingrid, Ed & Alexander 3.00 What a fantastic idea!
Aug 18 Mary 50.00
Aug 18 David 25.00
Aug 18 Evelyn 10.00
Aug 18 Sonca 1.00
Aug 18 Lois 25.00
Aug 18 Peggy 25.00 Thank you, TUT team and thank you, Universe, for getting this started!! It reminds me of the song "Just One Little Candle". Just imagine what we an all accomplish together.

It's amazing to see so many others joining together each day to "think good thoughts and do good deeds".
Aug 18 Sandra 10.00
Aug 18 Terri 5.00
Aug 18 Linda 50.00
Aug 18 gwendolyn 50.00 thank you for helping folks give something back. we forget sometimes how blessed we are.
Aug 18 Karen 5.00
Aug 18 Susan 10.00
Aug 18 Casey 10.00 Thanks so very much for EVERYTHING!
This is a brilliant idea....
Aug 18 jennifer 25.00
Aug 18 Cherie 10.00
Aug 18 Linda 25.00
Aug 18 Kathleen M 100.00
Aug 18 sharon 5.00
Aug 18 Heather 25.00 Thank you for the opportunity, and keep up the AWESOME work!
Aug 18 Karen 5.00 Thank You for ALL that you are doing!!! Very Inspiring!
Aug 18 Chestelle 10.00
Aug 18 Mary 20.00
Aug 18 Sean 10.00
Aug 18 Tammye 10.00
Aug 18 Jim 25.00 For all you do, a heart gift, for you.
Aug 18 Milena 1.00 Great Idea! More organizations need to do this to help others!
Aug 18 Patricia 1.00
Aug 18 Barbara 100.00
Aug 18 Lois 10.00 Thanks Mike for giving us a avenue to give back!
Aug 18 Anne 10.00
Aug 18 Grant 10.00
Aug 18 Carole 50.00 Thanks for identifying such an important and worthwhile organization for this month's project. Women's leadership is crucial to the survival of many countries around the globe.

Aug 18 Pat 40.00 Keep up the great work!
Aug 18 Eileen 10.00
Aug 18 Robbie 2.50 I love this way to give out! Thank you Mike Dooley for your vision and "NFTU". I live them every day.

Aug 18 marsha 10.00 infinate love & graditute! thanks
Aug 18 Debbi 25.00
Aug 18 Joanne 10.00
Aug 18 Melanie 25.00 Ladies, I'm proud of you. Keep going. You deserve a good life full of freedoms. God Bless.
Aug 18 Jenny 10.00 This is a terrific idea and the benefiting organization is an ideal candidate for our collective contributions. Thank you for the positive energy.
Aug 18 Linda 25.00 We are blessed here in the States. Thanks for being a vehicle for us to help others.
Aug 18 Sharon 50.00
Aug 18 Jana 5.00 I love what you're doing!!
Aug 18 Tammy 10.00
Aug 18 Diane 10.00
Aug 18 Amy 10.00
Aug 18 Cindi 5.00 Seize the day!
Aug 18 Nicholas 10.00 I really loved the video explaining what this is all about. I'm really impressed and happy to see such a proactive approach.
Aug 18 Linda 10.00
Aug 18 T Eric 5.00
Aug 18 Marcia 25.00 Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this giving group. By helping other women I am helping myself.
Aug 18 jenifer 10.00
Aug 18 Maureen 25.00
Aug 18 Polly 5.00 Great idea! You do the research to find deserving groups...we give!
Aug 18 Susan 10.00
Aug 18 ELIZABETH 10.00
Aug 18 Patricia 5.00
Aug 18 Denise 40.00
Aug 18 Linda 5.00
Aug 18 Julie 5.00 Congratulations on the success of your work!
Aug 18 Mary J 10.00 Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference!
Aug 18 Gina 10.00
Aug 18 Vera 2.00 small donation - I'm on a fixed income. This is a good idea.
Aug 18 ShaRi 5.00
Aug 18 Martha 25.00 This is a BIG idea and I am thrilled to take a small part in it!
Aug 18 Kathleen 5.00 We can reach this goal easily! :)
Aug 18 Virpi 100.00
Aug 18 Karen 25.00 Blessed with an exciting, satisfying and useful career, I cannot imagine who I would be if that route was closed to me. Giving women power in countries where they have little or none is a wonderful objective for this group.
Aug 18 Denise 1.00
Aug 18 Hope 10.00 Thank you TUT for making this possible. Together we can and we ARE making the world better. We will never stop. We are committed and we can SEE the change! Thank you everyone for working together to make the world a more beautiful place. Life IS beautiful!
Aug 18 Kathi 100.00
Aug 18 Teresa 15.00 This is wonderful! Good for you!
Aug 18 Paula 1.00
Aug 18 perry 100.00
Aug 18 pat 3.00
Aug 18 Bridget 10.00 Thank you for bringing this organization to our attention. Empowering women empowers children and ultimately empowers us all.
Aug 18 Carl 10.00
Aug 18 Carole 25.00
Aug 18 Avril 25.00 Thanks for organizing this power method of not only donating but making us aware of incredible organizations like WLP. I have wanted to contribute to an organization like WLP for a long time and then this opportunity pops up. Many thanks TUT and Michael!
Aug 18 Rebecca 10.00
Aug 18 Linda 1.00
Aug 18 Tierra 5.00
Aug 18 Patricia 20.00 Because I was blessed with a copy of "The Secret" and believe God gave us the power to change our world and others' if we act on our sound beliefs.
Aug 18 Nancy 1.00
Aug 18 Chris 10.00
Aug 18 Tracey 25.00
Aug 18 Judy 1.00 I would like to donate $1.00 per month........thank you!
Aug 18 Kathy 25.00
Aug 18 Lyn 10.00
Aug 18 Roberta 25.00 I am blessed. I am one with all creation. I love us all. I give thanks.
Aug 18 Sharon 25.00
Aug 18 Rocki Louise 25.00
Aug 18 Lynne 1.00
Aug 18 Katia 25.00 Many blessings to you Mike Dooley and all you do. Thank you for your support of women in leadership, as well as your wisdom and humor in your always enjoyable Notes from the Universe. You rock!!
Aug 18 Kathryn J. 10.00 Thanks for the opportunity to help others!!
Aug 18 Jodi 10.00
Aug 18 D 10.00
Aug 18 francine 10.00
Aug 18 Laura 10.00
Aug 18 Linda 5.00
Aug 18 Merrilee 25.00 Thank you for making this so easy!
Aug 18 JoAnn 10.00 Go Universe!
Aug 19 Carin 25.00
Aug 19 Jennifer 20.00 great idea! Thank you for offering this opportunity.
Aug 19 Jaribu 10.00 Thank you for this opportunity to help someone else in the world.
Aug 19 Sahndra 1.00 Blessings with LIGHT AND LOVE-SAHNDRA
Aug 20 Samara 5.00 Namaste.
Aug 20 Joan 10.00
Aug 20 Guy 10.00
Aug 20 Danielle 50.00 Jambo fellow adventurers. I love Mike Dooly and the creation of TUT. I have MIke's audio Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the magic and I listen to it everyday. I will gladly support any cause of the month he supports.
Aug 20 Danielle 50.00 Jambo fellow adventurers. I love Mike Dooly and the creation of TUT. I have MIke's audio Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the magic and I listen to it everyday. I will gladly support any cause of the month he supports.
Aug 20 Susan 10.00
Aug 20 Belinda 25.00 Hi there, thank you for allowing me to pay it forward!
I just love this movie!
Take good care and God Bless you always!
Belinda Campos ;-)
Aug 20 Angela 500.00
Aug 21 Teresa 25.00
Aug 21 Marion 1.00
Aug 21 Sharon 50.00
Aug 22 Colleen 25.00
Aug 22 Heather 5.00
Aug 22 Patricia 25.00 Thank-you....God(ess) bless :-)
Aug 22 Jeanne 10.00
Aug 22 Brenda 25.00 Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.....I will continue to visit. It is such a delight to give...thank you for the gift of this opportunity!
Aug 23 Katheline 5.00
Aug 25 Linda 25.00
Aug 25 Carol 10.00
Aug 25 Suzanne 10.00 Thank you so much TUT! One of my life goals is to have the opportunity to empower other people, especially women, and the Women's Learning Partnership is an organization that I will continue to support in the future.
Aug 25 Lucille 25.00
Aug 26 Hamid 100.00
Aug 26 Robert 10.00
Aug 28 Sharon 1.00
Aug 28 Tara 100.00 What a great idea!
Aug 29 Debra 5.00
Aug 29 Kelli 25.00
Aug 29 Danika 15.00 For the women!
Aug 29 Linda 10.00 We are blessed here in the States. Thanks for being a vehicle for us to help others.
Aug 29 Andrea 10.00 How marvellous that TUT have made this opportunity to give love, so accessible to everyone 'across the Universe'. I am more than happy to make a regular gift and look forward to hearing how these women have been empowered. Thanks Mike & TUT.
Aug 29 terry 10.00
Aug 29 emily 10.00
Aug 29 Trina 5.00 Thank You Mike Dooley!!
Aug 31 Carmen 5.00
Aug 31 Bette 25.00
Sep 01 Tawana 10.00
Sep 01 Sheila 25.00 This is so terrific: the causes, TUT. com I am deeply grateful for all of it.
Sep 01 elaine 10.00
Sep 01 Dana 10.00 Great Ideas!
Sep 01 yolanda 10.00
Sep 01 INGRID 25.00
Sep 01 Lynn 25.00
Sep 01 Jennifer 10.00
Sep 01 Claudette 10.00 Wonderful way to help everyone, including the animals.
Sep 01 Donna 100.00 Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help women who don't have the opportunities I have so that, one day, perhaps they can and together we might all change the world. Thoughts become things and great thoughts become great things.
Sep 01 Deborah 10.00
Sep 01 Marie 20.00 With the Universe all things are possible, I've learned and now I've have been able to manifest some greatly needed things in my life. I had lots of fears to what was going to happen. I LET THOSE FEARS GO, AND WORKED ON MY SPIRIT. Thanks to Mike and others for their Guidence and incouragement. I love my messages from the Universe.
Sep 01 nancy 1.00
Sep 01 Carol 10.00
Sep 01 Kelly 25.00 I am honored to share...
Sep 01 Robin 25.00 Thanks for the opportunity to share the abundance
Sep 01 Betty 25.00 Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pay it forward
Sep 01 Heather 1.00
Sep 01 michelle 25.00
Sep 01 Lynne 10.00 Share TUT with your friends, fellow TUTers! :)
Sep 01 Judy 1.00 Blessings on your work~
Sep 01 sandra 10.00
Sep 01 Deborah 50.00
Sep 01 Joyce 18.00
Sep 01 Fabiola 5.00
Sep 01 Zina 20.00
Sep 01 lynn 10.00
Sep 01 KAREN 50.00
Sep 03 Laura 10.00 I love this! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!
Sep 16 Barbara 10.00
Sep 24 Dianna 25.00
Oct 15 Monique 10.00
Nov 17 Matt 5.00
Nov 28 Maria 10.00
Dec 31 Tracy 5.00 Together we can all make a landslide of difference.
Jan 20 Grace 3.00